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About the «Geo Meridian» project

Geo Meridian portal has been created for those who like to travel, know something new about countries and cities, want to make plans of their journeys and communicate with like-minded persons.

At the Geo Meridian portal you can find interesting and useful information on the best places in the various countries, from the most popular ones, such as Italy or Turkey, to the lost but not the least wonderful corners of the earth, such as Socotra Island or Atacama Desert. All texts are accompanied by large labeled photos. And you can easily find any place depicted in the photo on the map.

One of the distinctive features of Geo Meridian portal is logic grouping of large amounts of information about places and routes, history, architectural monuments and the beauty of national parks. All of this can be seen on the Google map, and portal navigation is as simple that it can be easily used even by the unprepared users.

Geo Meridian portal make it possible to plan your travel. You will have just to enter the starting and ending points of your travel. On the way you can visit interesting cities, architectural and nature sites, as well as hotels.

This option is very important for those who plan motor-car journeys and wouldn’t like to miss something interesting on the way.
Apart from planning routes for yourself, you can discuss the routes on the blogs and forums of Geo Meridian portal. If you are going to travel with a company, then having created a route on your blog, you can send it to your friends, exchange comments and look for fellow-travelers.

In addition to searching for interesting places, you can select a journey by the type of recreation at Geo Meridian portal. We mean both the sports (diving, downhill skiing, golf etc.), and adventure (rafting, hunting, fishing and so on.) holidays. Also, you can always find something suitable for you, whether you prefer to spend your time at some romantic beach, or plan a trekking tour to volcanoes or geysers.

Geo Meridian portal is multilingual. It is a common site both for regular travelers and professionals of tourist industry. Certainly, it may be an attractive place to post ads about tours offered by travel agencies.