Ukraine is one of the largest Eastern Europe countries. And it borders on Russia, Poland and Romania. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine.
In the 19th century Austria was a great empire in the very heart of Europe. And the Habsburg, one of the then most powerful European dynasties, ruled over almost all today`s Eastern Europe countries. However, after World War I the empire disappeared and the territory of Austria properly was considerably reduced.
Belarus is a country in the east of Europe. This country has all conditions for ecotourism, such as vacations in the wilds, which haven’t yet been impacted by civilization. Belarus is one of the «greenest» European countries, as most part of its territory is covered by dense forests.
The country is in the middle of Western Europe. And indeed, it takes only two or three hours to get from Brussels, which is the headquarters of EU, to many larger cities of Europe. Belgium is a fairly safe country with high standards of living. Most interesting tourist attractions are in such old cities as Brussels, Bruges and Ghent.
The country has excellent opportunities for beach vacations. In Western Bulgaria there is famous resort «Golden Sands», which is on the coast of the Black Sea. And you can go to Bulgaria not only in summer. There are also some mountain resorts in this country. As to sightseeing you can do it all the year round.
Great Britain is one of the most developed countries of Europe, and its standards of living are one of the highest in the world. And though there are enough countries which are more well-to-do (for example, as to GDP per capita) you could hardly find any other country which would have been so interesting to live in.
Hungary is in the center of Europe, so it is easily accessible from any European country. They go there either to walk around the old streets of Budapest or recover one`s health in some spa resort.
Its central location and most powerful economy predetermined the role of Germany as one of the most influential European countries. It has the largest population in Europe (after Russia). Germany was always attractive for tourists, as there are a lot of historical and natural sites on its huge territory.
Greece is located at crossroad of the main Mediterranean seaways, therefore civilization emerged very early there. Its flourishing fell on the V century B.C. (over 2.5 thousand years ago). Actually, it was the first European civilization with the center in Athens.
Denmark is a small country of Jutland, with its capital being located on the island of Zealand. When going over the streets of Copenhagen you often recall the fairy-tales of Andersen you`ve certainly read in your childhood.
This Arctic country is called the «land of ice». And indeed, it can offer nothing but adventure tourism. And though there are no beaches there, it has a lot of geysers, volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, mountain passes, and hot lakes and sources, as well as many other curious things that you couldn’t find in any other country. So, if you are bored with beach all inclusive resorts, you should go to Iceland.
This country in the south-west of Europe circumfluent by warm seas is one of the centers of European tourism for all those who prefer seaside vacations, high-quality infrastructure, interesting tours and European security.
There is no other country in Europe which could be so proud of its history. Roman Empire has dominated in the world for almost 600 years. And you couldn’t overestimate its contribution to development of the entire European civilization, - its art, architecture and law. Actually, they laid the foundation of all today`s society. Almost everyone would like to go to Italy. And moreover, each Italian city (even small ones) has a great number of historical sites, so you can go whenever you want and won`t be disappointed.
This country is just created for recreation. It is situated on the island off the Eastern Coast of Mediterranean Sea. It has a mild climate. Water is warm most time of the year, so tourist season begins early and lasts until winter.
Latvia is on the coast of the Baltic Sea. As every other country of this region, Latvia has good opportunities of secure holidays in coastal pine woods. As coastal area of most local resorts is sandy dunes covered with bushes and pine trees. This creates a peculiar atmosphere of comfort and security. As a rule, only those who like clean air, silence and hiking go there.
This island is in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, at the intersection of all trade routes. That’s why it was just there that the first civilization has emerged. It was just there that the planet`s oldest megalithic constructions have been discovered. They are approximately 1 thousand years older than Egyptian pyramids.
Netherlands is a small and fairly well-to-do country on the coast of the Northern Sea. Most part of its territory is below the sea level, therefore, the World Ocean Level is the primary problem for the country. Powerful dikes are constructed all along its coastline, which are daily monitored by dedicated personnel.
Norway is the northernmost European country. From one hand it isn’t good for tourists who prefer to spend their vacations on the beaches. Surely, the country has no opportunities for such type of recreation. But it can offer exceptionally beautiful landscapes of fiords, waterfalls and mountains instead. And they can give you a lot of singular impressions.
Poland is one of the largest countries of Eastern Europe. Its northern border is washed by the Baltic Sea, but bathing period isn’t too long there, so seaside resorts aren’t the main attraction of the country.
Portugal is on the farthest end of Eurasian continent. You can even see this «end», called Cape Roca. And beyond is unbounded ocean which always lured adventurous seafarers.
Romania is a country of Eastern Europe with outlet to the Black Sea. There are many curious places in the country, especially for those who are interested in legends of vampires. In Romania you can spend your vacation either on the beaches of the Black Sea or in Transylvanian Mountains or visit some medieval towns, such as Sighisoara, which is most interesting of them.
Slovakia is small land-locked country in the center of Eastern Europe. Its primary tourist attractions are Low and High Tatras and beautiful medieval castles which are scattered all over the country.
Finland is often called «the land of thousand lakes». And indeed, all its territory is abundant with lakes, rivers, channels and islands. All this give you a lot of opportunities for quiet rest on the shore of some pinewood lake. At daylight you can go in for bathing, boating, and fishing, as well as make promenades over the wood paths, and in the evening you can go to some sauna. And such activities dispose to relaxation.
The country has always attracted a great number of tourists. And the word «Paris» still recalls hundreds of associations. No one could be indifferent to Paris which is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, Paris isn’t the whole France. You can find curious historical and natural sites in every corner of this country.
Adriatic Sea, washing the Croatia Republic, is very beautiful. And its azure waters make an impression as if you were on some tropical island. There are some impressive historical sites, such as Dubrovnik or Split, wonderful national parks, for example Plitvitskie Lakes, and, finally, huge number of seaside resorts.
This Eastern Europe country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The capital of Czechia, Prague, is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. And the country is always associated with comfort and famous Czech beer, as well as quite medieval lanes.
Switzerland is in the centre of Europe. Alpine mountains take up most of its territory. This predetermined the kind of tourism developed in Switzerland. Everyone who is in for active mountain vacations, - skiing in winter and trekking in summer, - must visit this country at least once in their life.
Sweden is the largest Scandinavian country, as to its territory and population. It stretches for thousands of kilometers up to arctic latitudes.
The country is situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It takes at most an hour to get to its capital from most countries of Western Europe. And because of its medieval appearance Tallin is included in almost all Baltic cruises.
Nature lavishly endowed this small country. There is a beautiful Adriatic Coast where Me-diterranean climate is predominant, and palms and olive trees are growing. In Tara River Canyon, by the way, the deepest gorge in Europe, one can see the most beautiful mountain landscapes somehow resembling those of such national parks as Yosemite in America or Jungfrau in Switzerland.
Now Lithuania is a small Baltic Sea but sometime the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was one of the largest countries in Europe. If you like quietness, European comfort, relatively low prices and magnificent pine woods, then Lithuania is just what you need.
Whatever the legal status of Abhazia, in summer it is one of the favorite places of recreation for thousands of tourists from all the countries of the former Soviet Union. There one can see many people of the older generation for whom the resorts of Gagra and Pitsunda with their tropical palms and centuries-old pines were the only places, which climate was similar to that of the tropical countries
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