About sight: Ascension Cathedral

Going down from the center of Zvenigorod to the bank of the Moscow river to get to the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery, you pass by a tall hill where a small wooden church of Ascen-sion was built in 16 century.

In 1792 on that place it was decided to build a stone cathedral. The main aisle of the cathedral was de-voted to the Ascension of God while two side aisles were devoted to St. Nicholas and the Tolgskaya Icon of Our Lady, which is worshiped at the monastery of the same name in Yaroslavl.

The five-domed Ascension cathedral was built in the style of Byzantine Revival. Formerly, there was a small belfry near it, which could be seen from the Moscow river, but the cathedral was pulled down in 1941. The Ascension cathedral was restored only in 2007. 

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