The word «Siberia» has a special magic for any person coming from the west. Siberian taiga occupies a territory of millions of square kilometers. Taiga forest stretch from the Ural to the Pacific ocean.
The Beaver Ravine fun park may be considered the best place for active recreation and tourism in Krasnoyarsk. If you haven’t either opportunity or time to go to the main Krasnoyarsk Stolby, then a trip to the Beaver Ravine will be a good chance to see the most beautiful local nature, if only from the lookouts of the fun park.
You can have a good view of Karaulnaya Gora from all places of the historical center of Krasnoyarsk. The Chapel of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, which is considered a symbol of the city, is on Karaulnaya Gora. It is this chapel that decorates 10-rouble notes.
The Communal Bridge is one of the three bridges of Krasnoyarsk, connecting the banks of the Yenisei river. Its beautiful and strong arches are considered a symbol of the city, along with the Chapel of Paraskeva on Karaulnaya Hill. They are depicted on 10-rouble notes.
In recent years Theatre Square became an interesting place where a lot of people gather in the evening. The square appeared in this place in 1878. Then it was called Staroostozhnaya. However, the forming of its architectural ensemble began only after the construction of the Communal Bridge was finished in 1961.
The Krasnoyarsk local history museum is considered one of the oldest museums in Siberia. And indeed, approaching this building you understand that it stands out among the great number of local history museums you can find in nearly each city.
Krasnoyarsk museum center may be considered the biggest exhibition floor of Siberia. In our days most of it is occupied by various expositions devoted to the modern art. However, there also remained the most interesting expositions devoted to Lenin and the first years of the Soviet power.
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