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The Krasnoyarsk local history museum is considered one of the oldest museums in Siberia. And indeed, approaching this building you understand that it stands out among the great number of local history museums you can find in nearly each city.

The Krasnoyarsk local history museum is in the immediate vicinity of the Communal Bridge, opposite Theatre Square. Its building looks like an ancient Egyptian temple, which is quite uncharacteristic of Russia and especially of Siberia.

It was decided to create a museum of local history in Krasnoyarsk in 1889. But originally, it occupied the mansion of Krutovsky. However, with the increase of its collection, in 1912 it was decided to build a new museum building by a model of an ancient Egyptian temple. But because of World War I and the revolution its construction was finished only in 1929.

In the center of the museum you can see a huge model of a boat used by the Cossacks to explore the spaces of Siberia. The central area of the museum is surrounded by different rooms with various expositions: archaeology, palaeontology, religion and fine arts. All of them are interesting enough. There you can see the complete skeleton of mammoth, as well as the only Russian skeleton of stegosaurus.

In the lower room of the museum you can see a very interesting exposition devoted to the everyday life of the peoples of the north residing in the Krasnoyarsk Krai: the Evenki, the Nenets, the Nganasans and many other peoples.

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