The Big Stone river is probably the most interesting sight of the Taganai park. You can see mountains and rocks, including the ones with most fantastical shapes, in many places. And it is the only such river in the world. A similar rock river of smaller size is only in India.
The Otkliknoy Crest is probably the most beautiful and the second highest peak at the Taganai after Mount Kruglitsa. It was given such name for its shape, as well as for a long, loud echo. Depending on the point of observation, it resemble either a huge petrified dragon or a frozen wave or a crest.
The Glade of Fairy Tales is a kind of a nature monument and the most interesting place in the Taganai park. At the foot of Mount Kruglitsa on the Great Taganai ridge is a strip of stunted wood with rock formations resembling the characters of ancient legends and fairy-tales.
If you go on the upper path from Zlatoust, the first sight of the Taganai you will meet on the way will be the Two-Headed mountain. It is at the 13th kilometer of the path. The stair leading to the top of the mountain is at the mountain hut «White Spring.»
Generally, the Glade of Fairy Tales is called the Pesochny (Sandy) Gorky. There you can see rock formations of various shapes resembling all sorts of animals.
Mount Kruglitsa is the highest peak of the Great Taganai ridge. Usually, the mountain is the end point of all Taganai routes. The main sight of the Taganai park, the Fairy Tales Glade, is at the foot of Mount Kruglitsa. You can have a beautiful view of all peaks and valleys of Taganai from the mountain.
Taluses are conglomerations of rather big rocks you can find in many places of the Taganai. They are very similar to the streams of rocks and the biggest of them located in the valley between the ridges of Great and Middle Taganai is even called the Big Stone river.
The Bolshaya Tesma river is a major waterway of the Taganai park. It is a typical mountain river. It is crossed by the upper and lower paths. The water is very clean in the river. However, it is not advised to drink it.
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