About sight: Glade of Fairy Tales

The Glade of Fairy Tales is a kind of a nature monument and the most interesting place in the Taganai park. At the foot of Mount Kruglitsa on the Great Taganai ridge is a strip of stunted wood with rock formations resembling the characters of ancient legends and fairy-tales. 

With some imagination, you can see dragons, dinosaurs, spiders, birds, and many other creatures on the glade. Also, it will be interesting to just wander on the paths among these small rocks. 

By the way, because of these sandy paths the place is also called «sandy gorky», though the name is more appropriate for the residual outcrops, which are several kilometers from the Glade of Fairy Tales towards the Otkliknoy Crest. Stunted firs and junipers grow among the rocks. There are a lot of cowberry and blueberry bushes in the surrounding area. Scientists explain the appearance of the Fairy Tales Glade by rock erosion.     

The Glade of Fairy Tales is 20 kilometers from the entrance to the Taganai national park. You should go to it on the upper path. You also can approach it by the lower path, but the last 3 kilometers you will have to climb up a very steep slope. 

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