Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station (HES)

About sight: Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station (HES)

The Krasnoyarsk HES is located 40 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk upstream the Yenisei river near the city of Divnogorsk.  It will be interesting for all those who are interested in the large-scale constructions of the Soviet period.

The Krasnoyarsk HES was built in 1972 and by that time was the second biggest hydroelectric power station in the world after the Grand Coulee HES in the USA. The more powerful Sayano-Shushenskaya HES was built in Russia in 1985, and after that the Krasnoyarsk HES was the second largest power plant in Russia. Both HES are included in the list of the 10 biggest hydroelectric power stations in the world.

The construction of the Krasnoyarsk HES began in 1956. By 1972 there was built a dam of 124 meters high and 1065 meters long. The installed capacity of the power plant is 6000 МW. To the left is a powerhouse hall and to the right are the guides for the flush of water. 

The Krasnoyarsk HES is the only Russian power station equipped with the world's largest ship lift. A ship going upstream enters a special pool at the left bank and then is lifted on a special platform.

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