The Shushenskiy Bor is a national park located on the right bank of the Yenisei. It was created to preserve an ecosystem of Siberian forests in the foothills of the Sayan Mountains in 1995. The park includes a highland area of the Western Sayan, as well as the pine forests of the Minusinsk Hollow.
The Krasnoyarsk HES is located 40 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk upstream the Yenisei river near the city of Divnogorsk. It will be interesting for all those who are interested in the large-scale constructions of the Soviet period.
When going from Krasnoyarsk to Divnogorsk you must stop by the village Ovsyanka at the 23rd kilometer of the road. The so-called Seleznevsky cliff overhangs the river there.
One of the most interesting Russian museums of wooden architecture comparable to a similar museum in Kizhi (Karelia) is located 500 kilometers to the south of Krasnoyarsk in Shushenskoy. A Siberian village of the end of 19 century was completely preserved on an area of 16 hectares.
The Sayano-Shushenskaya HES has the largest installed capacity in Russia. It is 500 kilometers to the south from Krasnoyarsk on the bank of the river Yenisei.
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