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The Kazan Kremlin is the main sight of Kazan. It is located on the high bank of the river Kazanka, near the place where it joins the Volga river. The main fortress of Volga Bulgaria was located just in that place. After it was conquered by the troops of Ivan the Terrible the Khanate of Kazan was annexed to Russia. 

One can have the most beautiful view of the Kazan Kremlin from the bridge over the river Kazanka. From that place one can see all the main sights of the Kazan Kremlin: Soyembika Tower, Annunciation Cathedral and the Qolsarif Mosque. One can also have at least as beautiful view of the Kazan Kremlin from the Millennium Square located at the foot of the Kremlin wall. 

Annunciation Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings of the Kremlin. It was erected just after the seizure of Kazan. One must see its most interesting interior paintings related with the history of Kazan. Soyembika Tower is near the Annunciation Cathedral. This seven-tier tower used to be one of the so-called leaning towers. By the early 20th century, its inclination was estimated at about 2 meters. 

The old mosque was restored at the Kremlin in 2007. It was built before Ivan the Terrible had conquered Kazan. A new mosque was built in 2005. It was the Qolsarif Mosque. Almost at once the mosque became a symbol of Kazan. It houses the Museum of Islam.

If you have time, you can visit the museums of the Kazan kremlin. Three of them are in the building of the Military School: the Museum of Natural History, the Art Gallery and the Museum of Great Patriotic War. The Museum of the Statehood of Tatarstan is in the former Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost), near Soyembika Tower. 

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