About sight: Qolsarif Mosque

The Qolsarif Mosque located in the western part of the Kazan Kremlin is quite rightly considered a symbol of Kazan. It is the main Muslim temple of the city and the whole Tatarstan.

The mosque was reconstructed by the thousandth anniversary of Kazan in 2005. The original mosque was destroyed during the storm of the city in 1552. The mosque was named after Imam Qolsarif, one of the leaders of Kazan's defense from the Russian troops of Ivan the Terrible.

The new Qolsarif Mosque was built on the former drill ground of the military school. The Urals marble was used in the construction of the mosque. The carpets were a gift of the government of Iran and the crystal chandelier was made in Czechia. The Qolsarif Mosque is surrounded by 8 minarets. Four minarets have a height of 58 meters. The dome of the mosque resembles the Kazan Cap, the symbol of the state power of Kazan khans. Today it is stored at the Armory Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin.

The mosque is closed for public and one can see the prayer hall only from two balconies intended for tourists. One should visit the Museum of Islam located on the ground floor of the mosque. There one can see various exhibits telling about the history of Islam and Islamic culture in the Middle Volga region when Kazan was an independent khanate. 

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