About sight: Natural History Museum

There are several museums in the big building of the military school at the Kazan Kremlin. One of them is the Museum of Natural History of Tatarstan. Its exposition contains a lot of exhibits discovered both in Tatarstan and in the other regions of the world.

The museum has two floors. The halls of the ground floor are devoted to astronomy and geology. In the «space halls» one can see various exhibits and interactive maps related with space. In the halls called «The World of Minerals», one can see a big collection of minerals and semi-precious stones. The interactive models of the Earth and its different layers clearly show the formation of the Earth for millions of years, as well as the origin of these same minerals and the other mineral resources. Some models show the history of several mines and pits.

The first floor is devoted to animals, which inhabited our planet millions of years ago. The skeletons of various dinosaurs, amphibians, fishes and mammoths are just models. But one can also see there a lot of fossils and bones, which were discovered during the excavations on the territory of Tatarstan.

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