Perm may be of some interest from the artistic point of view. Perm has interesting art galleries, including those of modern art. But coming to the city you should first visit the State Art Gallery to the «Perm Gods».
The Ascension Church of St. Theodosius is one of the most famous symbols of Perm. It was one of the last churches built in Perm before the revolution. A merchant Alexander Balabanov began the construction of the church. So, at first it was called a «merchant church».
The local history museum of Perm is the oldest and largest museum in Perm Krai. It is located in the house of Meshkov, which is considered the most beautiful mansion in the historical center of the city.
The building of the Metropolitan Podvorye of the domestic church of St. Mitrophan of Voronezh is on Sobornaya (Cathedral) Square of Perm, near the metropolitan cathedral of Transfiguration now housing an art gallery.
Sibirskaya Street is included in all tourist routes of Perm, as there remained many historical buildings of the 19th century. In the past Sibirskaya Street was the main road leading from Moscow to the Yegoshikha copper smeltery. Near it a settlement appeared, which later developed in the town Perm.
Gribushin`s House is one of the most beautiful modernist buildings in Perm. It is believed that this house is mentioned as the «house with figures» in the novel «Doctor Zhivago» by Pasternak. The front side of the mansion is decorated by numerous women heads of various age.
Youth Theatre, which was founded in 1964, occupied one of the most beautiful houses in Perm. This modernist building was erected in 1899 by the project of a well-known local architect Turchevich.
The shops of the famous Motovilikha plant are in the eastern part of city. It is a large enterprise engaged in the production of steel of special grades, as well as military machinery: multiple-launch rocket systems, field and self-propelled artillery.
Sobornaya Square is located in the upper part of Komsomol Avenue on the high bank of the Kama river. It is the place where it will be most convenient to start all tours of the sights of Perm.
A second-guild merchant Egor Shavkunov wanted to erect a two-altar church on the Sludka hill in 1842. And although the church was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, it became popularly known as the Sludskaya church. Now it is almost in the center of the city near the Communal Bridge.
Komsomol Avenue is the main street in the historical part of Perm. It begins at Sobornaya Square on the high bank of the Kama. From there it runs down towards an engine plant. Formerly, Komsomol Avenue was called Kungurskaya Street.
Peter and Paul Cathedral is one of the first stone buildings of Perm near the old (now closed) railway station. It is known that Perm was founded in 1723 by Vasily Tatischev commissioned with the task to build a copper smeltery at the confluence of the Yegoshikha and Kama rivers.
Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre is in the center of a large Theatre minipark near Sibirskaya Street. In 1969 it became «academic» and was put on the same level with the leading theatres of Russia.
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