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Arkhangelskoye is quite rightly considered one of the most beautiful estate of the nobility in the Greater Moscow Area. The first records of the Arkhangelskoye estate date back to 16 century. At first the estate often changed its owners: the Upolotsky, the Sheremetyev, the Odoyevsky and the Cherkassky. But it became famous only in 1703, when it came into possession of Prince Golitsyn.

Prince Dmitry Golitsyn built a house and laid out a regular park with conservatories but in 1736 he was accused of high treason and imprisoned and his property was confiscated. Only in 1773 the Golitsyn's estates were returned to their descendants. His son, Nikolai Golitsyn, wanted to build there a model residence and laid down a palace in 1784. The palace survived to our days.

During 1784-1809 Arkhangelskoye acquired its today appearance. However, it became a truly splendid residence only in the time of the Yusupov. After the death of Nikolai Golitsyn died in 1809 his widow sold Arkhangelskoye to Nikolai Yusupov. The latter invested big money in the construction and decoration of the estate, as well as created there an interesting art collection.

Here the rivalry with Moscow estates of the Sheremetyev served its purpose: Kuskovo and Ostankino. Sheremetyev had there a theatre where a serf actress Zhemchugova shone. Yusupov created a wonderful art collection at Arkhangelskoye. The collection had the pictures of Rembrandt, Vandyke and many other famous painters.

Nikolai Yusupov lived there almost permanently. There appeared a porcelain factory, winter gardens and a menagerie with rare animals at Arkhangelskoye. The estate was regularly visited by all famous people of that time, including emperors and the members of their families. Balls were always held there. There also appeared a theatre at Arkhangelskoye. It was the golden age of Arkhangelskoye.

After Nikolai Yusupov had died in 1831, his sons significantly reduced the expenses on the maintenance of Arkhangelskoye. All artistic treasures were carried to St. Petersburg. The Yusupov also moved there. After that the fame of Arkhangelskoye dwindled. 

Only at the beginning of 20 century the Yusupov began to oftener came to Arkhangelskoye, especially after their elder son Nikolai was killed during a duel in 1908. His mother Zinaida Nikolayevna even commissioned an architect Klein with the task to build a magnificent family burial vault there. However, no one has ever been buried there as Arkhangelskoye was nationalized after the revolution of 1917. 

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