This Western Africa country, washed by the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, is often associated with the spirit of Arabic East. For the last years Morocco has become a fairly popular destination for everyone who is in for comfortable beach vacations and curious if somewhat exotic tours.
Ancient civilization of Egypt is amazing. You can always feel its mystery and mysticism when visiting Egyptian temples or the Tombs of Pharaohs. Though this civilization is over 4 thousand years, most temples are still in good state.
In spite of all its economic difficulties, Zimbabwe is still very attractive for tourists. There are many curious national parks where you can see wildlife of African savanna, and in Great Zimbabwe you can visit the ruins of the ancient city. But most popular attraction is Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world.
Kenya is one of the most popular tourist attractions for those who want to see wildlife of Africa and wallow on some good beach. You have only to visit one of the numerous national park of the country to get the most vivid impressions of African nature and you can have a good rest on the beaches of Mombasa.
For all those who are fond of African wildlife Namibia could be especially interesting. There you can see two different types of African nature, active savanna(h), brimming with life, and absolutely lifeless desert landscapes.
This French colony is 600 kilometers to the east from Madagascar. It is near Mauritius (another famous resort), with which it has regular ferry and air connection.
There are many tourists who would pay any money to go to these «heavenly» islands of the Indian Ocean. Mae is the main island of the Archipelago, with Victoria being its capital, but most tourists prefer the islands of Praslin and La Digue. Almost half of the Seychelles are national parks.
National Parks of Tanzania are the wonder of African wildlife. They have a huge territory and extremely variegated flora and fauna, in addition to their wonderful landscapes. The largest of them are Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Selous. In Tanzania you can also enjoy the view, or even climb, of the highest African peak, Mount Kilimanjaro.
This African country is entirely washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Recently, Tunisia has become a very popular tourist destination for beach vacations, especially in spring and autumn when the weather is rather good there. You can brown on the beaches of Tunisia even in winter, though there is a high risk that the water will be fairly cool.
South Africa is the most developed country of African continent. It has the world`s largest supply of gold which make its economy quite stable. Annually, a great number of tourists visit South Africa to see the beauties of its wildlife.
Closeness of Mauritius to the Seychelles commits to many things, as tourist will have to fly there several hours longer, than to the Seychelles. What for? It turns out that every year Mauritius is visited by nearly a million of tourists, and their choice is quite reasonable.
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