Within a walking distance from the Izmailovo Kremlin is a quiet island where you can see the tsar`s estate of Izmailovo. Ivan the Terrible gave these lands to Nikita Romanovich Zhakaryin-Yuryev, a brother of his first wife Anastasia Romanovna. He is considered the founder of the Romanov dynasty.
The Izmailovo Kremlin is built in the traditional Russian style of 16 century. It looks rather showy, but it must be acknowledged that the architects succeeded in reconstructing the atmosphere of a Russian town of those years. The Izmailovo Kremlin has palaces, a church and several museums.
If you want to buy authentic Russian souvenirs as well as see the true Russian Kremlin (as it is usually depicted in the stories about old times), you should go to Izmailovo. The trading rows of the Izmailovo Vernissage (Market) are at the hill of the Izmailovo Kremlin. Now it is the main place where you can buy Russian souvenirs in Moscow. Earlier Russian souvenirs were sold on the Old Arbat.
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