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The Bread House is a beautiful building near the grand palace in Tsaritsyno. The name is due to the high reliefs of bread and salt on the front walls of the building. By the project of its architect Matvey Bazhenov, the building was designed for kitchens and maintenance services.

It was planned that the «upper kitchen» had to serve the imperial family while the middle and lower kitchens had to serve the noblemen in accordance with their rank. However, the visit of Empress Catherine II ended very badly for Bazhenov. She severely criticized his project and removed him from the construction as punishment for his relations with masonry. 

There are masonic symbols practically on all Bazhenov's buildings in Tsaritsyno, including the Bread House. A monogram of the crossed Russian letters Х and С is above the high reliefs of bread and salt. On the one hand, the monogram may mean «bread-salt», but it is very similar to a masonic symbol. 

After the reconstruction of the Bread House in 2006 they began to use its halls for exhibitions. An atrium for concerts was erected in the center of the house. An organ was installed in the atrium in 2008. And now concerts of organ music can also be held there. The organ was produced in Germany specially for the atrium of the Bread House based on the acoustics of the hall. 

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