Navalishinsky Canyon may be considered as one of the most curious places in Sochi, where you can get to a primeval relic forest. Semi-darkness always reigns in yew & boxwood groves and there you can feel the atmosphere of the tropics
The canyon of the Psakho River may be considered one of the most visited places, where you can see a relic yew & boxwood forest, as well as have a tour of the canyons of ancient rivers
Red Glade is the most famous downhill skiing resorts in Russia. However, they also come there in summer to have a walk on the tourist paths and enjoy beautiful landscapes of the Caucasian Mountains
There are many beautiful caves, which are open for visiting, in the Caucasus Mountains. But as to Greater Sochi, Vorontsovskaya cave is considered to be the most interesting one in the area. It is located 15 kilometers to the north from Khosta
When you come to Sochi you should visit at least one of the local relic forests, which have remained unchanged since the pre-historic time. You can see them either in the Canyon of the Psakho River or the Navalishinsky Canyon, but the most acceptable for most tourists is the Yew & Boxwood Grove at Khosta
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