The main attraction of Voronezh is the huge Annunciation Cathedral. The cathedral was laid down in 1586, about the same time as the city of Voronezh. For over a century it was but a wooden church as in those times Voronezh lands were still on the outskirts of the Russian state.
By the order of Peter the Great the construction of the Admiralty shipyard was started near the Voronezh fortress on the bank of the Voronezh River at the end of the 17th century. It is there that the formation of the Russian Navy began.
A small but very cozy public garden in the center of Voronezh was named after Peter I, who built the first ships of the Russian Navy at the Admiralty shipyards of Voronezh. It is in the immediate vicinity of the Annunciation Cathedral and the Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts.
Voronezh Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts is located in the yard of a big YVZHD (Southeastern Railway) building with a tall tower opposite the Peter`s public garden. Voronezh Museum of Fine Arts was created in 1933. In 1947 its collections were placed in a beautiful baroque building of the 18th century.
Lenin Square is the main square of Voronezh. The architectural ensemble of the square was formed in the middle of the past century. As everywhere, in the center of the square was a big monument of Lenin against the background of a monumental building of the House of the Soviets.
The Cathedral of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin is on a high hill (former Myasnaya Gora) over the Admiralty square. It is one of the city dominants clearly visible from the Voronezh River.
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