The exact day of Tula foundation is not known, but the first records of the city date back to the 12th century when these lands were owned by Ryazan princes. At the beginning of the 16th century these lands were taken by Great Duke of Moscow Vasily III. He began there the construction of the Tula Kremlin, which laid the foundation of the development of the city as a large defensive outpost in the south of Moscow.
Gun smithing was always one of the main specializations of Tula artisans. It was for this reason that Tula, located on the southern border of Moscow, became one of the main centers of cold and fire arms in Russia.
Lenin Square is just in front of the Tula Kremlin. The Administration of the Tula Region is on the eastern side of the square. The monument of Lenin is in front of the building.
The Tula Museum of Fine Arts is on the square in front of Belousov Central Park of Culture and Leisure. The pictures of Russian and European painters, as well as interesting collections of porcelain ware are on display at the rooms of the museum.
The main museums devoted to the Battle of Kulikovo are located 120 kilometers to the south-east of Tula: on the Kulikovo Field, at the village Monastyrschino and on the Red Hill. However, there is a small museum with the expositions «The Antiquities of Tula» and «The Legend of the Slaughter of Mamai» in the center of Tula.
Belousov Central Park of Culture and Leisure is the largest park in Tula and one of the largest parks in Russia. The park occupying an area of 143 hectares is located to the south from the center of the city.
There is a small but very cozy public garden of Lev Tolstoy at the southbound Lenin Street leading to Yasnaya Polyana. It is near the fine arts museum and Belousov Central Park of Culture and Leisure.
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