The beautiful Assumption Cathedral is in the center of the Tula Kremlin. The cathedral was built by Tula architects on the place of the wooden church in 1762-1764. It was built in the style of «stone patternwork» of Moscow baroque and is rightly considered the most beautiful temple in Tula.
The Tula Kremlin have the shape of a right quadrangle. The area of the Tula Kremlin is 6 hectares. Considering that the Tula Kremlin is located in a low swampy place it rests on a solid foundation, which in its turn is based on a strong piled lattice.
For a long time Tula Arms Museum was located at one of the shops of the Arms Plant. And in 1989, to make its collections more accessible for tourists, they were moved to the Epiphany Cathedral of the Tula Kremlin.
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