About place: Mikhaylovskoye

Mikhaylovskoye is a family estate of Nadezhda Osipovna Gannibal, the mother of Pushkin. The Gannibals settled at the estate in 1742 when Empress Elizabeth gave it to Abram Petrovich Gannibal who served Peter I. Pushkin called him the «Moor of Peter the Great». His son, Osip Gannibal, built there a house and planted a park, which layout was preserved to our days.

In 1806, after the death of Osip Abramovich, the estate went to his wife Marie Alekseyevna and then in 1818 to his daughter Nadezhda Osipovna, the mother of Pushkin. Pushkin stayed there in 1817 and 1819. He was in exile at Mikhaylovskoye during 1824-1826. Pushkin also came there in 1827, 1835 and 1836.

The manorial house of Mikhaylovskoye is on the high hill over the Sorot River. The outhouses «Kitchen» and «Nanny’s House» on each side of the manorial house. The latter was named in honor of Pushkin’s nanny Arina Rodionovna.

A big park is to the south of the manorial house. At the park you can stroll on a lime alley known as «Kern’s Alley». There also remained the big «Entry Alley» running 250 meters into the forest. The latter is flanked by giant firs two of which were planted by the grandfather of Pushkin, that is 200 years ago.

From the high hill you can have a beautiful view on the environs of Mikhaylovskoye. There you can feel in full all the beauty of central Russia – its picturesque forests, meadows, rivers and lakes. The All-Russia Pushkin Poetry Celebrations are held at Mikhaylovskoye on every first Sunday of June. 

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