About place: Pushkin museum house at Mikhaylovskoye

The house of A. S. Pushkin at Mikhaylovskoye stands on the high hill over the Sorot River. You can have very beautiful views on the environs of the estate from there. When Pushkin was exiled to the estate of his mother, in 1824, the house was quite dilapidated.

A tour of the house begins at the hallway. Its exposition is devoted to the history of Mikhaylovskoye Estate. Then you can go to the room of Pushkin’s nanny Arina Rodionovna. Local maidens used to gather there for needlework.

An enfilade of rooms runs through the northern side of the house. It begins from the room of Pushkin’s parents. They came to the estate for the summer. When А. S. Pushkin came at Mikhaylovskoye in 1824, his parents and his sister and brother, Olga and Lev, lived in the house.

The parents of Pushkin were very displeased with his exile. And because of constant conflicts with them Pushkin often went to Trigorskoye and even stayed there.

When his parents went to Petersburg in the autumn, the life of Pushkin at Mikhaylovskoye got much easier, but he still went to Trigorskoye every day. In spite of terrible boredom Pushkin often complained about to his friends, at Mikhaylovskoye he wrote about a hundred works, including several chapters (3-7) of «Eugene Onegin».    

At Mikhaylovskoye Pushkin was also visited by his Lyceum friends I. Puschin, А. Delvig and А. Gorchakov. Pushkin read to them his new poems. The meeting with Anne Kern was also a great event for Pushkin. She was then on a visit to Trigorskoye and later visited Pushkin in his house at Mikhaylovskoye. The results of the meeting were the alley of her name and the world famous poem: «I remember a wonderful moment as before my eyes you appeared, like a vision, fleeting, momentary, like a spirit of the purest beauty». 

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