About place: Bugrovo

Bugrovo is between Mikhaylovskoye estate, Svyatogorsky monastery and Savkina Gorka. At the time of Pushkin it was a small village around a mill on the shore of the lake.

As is known, you can't drive a car to any of the estates at Pushkinskiye Gory. To visit them you should go first to Bugrovo. You will stay your car at a small parking lot there and go on foot to Mikhaylovskoye (about 2 kilometers). There are also several hotels at Bugrovo where you can stay overnight.

However, Bugrovo may be interesting not only as a place where you can park your car. The literary and ethnographical museum «Pskov Village» is at Bugrovo. The mill on the shore of the lake was built in 1761 and once belonged to Svyatogorsky monastery. Pushkin described the mill in his several poems. When in exile at Mikhaylovskoye Pushkin liked to go there and associate with peasants.

There were only two households at the village Bugrovo at the time of Pushkin. All this was reconstructed at the museum «Pskov Village». You can see peasant households, as well as the mill with miller's hut and household buildings at the museum.

In Pskov land peasant dwellings usually consisted of three mutually connected structures. A dwelling house was divided in two huts or izbas: black (heated without a chimney) and white (heated with a chimney). All household items and animals were kept at the adjoining household yard. The village houses were thatched with straw, which was then covered with earth for reasons of fire safety.

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