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Vladimir history museum was created in 1854. However, it was decided to erect a separate museum building only in 1900 when its collections were significantly increased. The construction was commissioned to the architect P. Begen. The 2-floor neo Russian style building of red brick was fi-nished in 1906. It was located not far from St. Dmitry Cathedral.

The exhibits on the ground floor of the museum are devoted to the history of Vladimir region from pre-historic times to the end of 17 century. Of a particular value are the artifacts discovered during the diggings of the archaeological site at the Sungir River, on the eastern outskirts of Vladimir, in 1956. There were found over 70 thousand various artifacts dated back to about 30 thousand years ago. The excavations of unique burials brought worldwide reputation to Sungir. By the richness of grave goods and complexity of burial rituals they have no match in the world.

In the center of the hall you can see an authentic stone cross of 12 century, as well as a wooden element of the defensive ramparts of the same time. As a whole, most of the exhibits on the ground floor of the mu-seum are related to 12-13 centuries in the history of the Grand Duchy of Vladimir. The expositions devoted to the history of Vladimir region from the Time of Troubles to 1917 are on the first floor of the museum. 

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