About place: «Old Vladimir» museum

The museum «Old Vladimir» is located in the former building of the water tower near the Golden Gate. The water tower is a monument of architecture too. It was erected in the middle of 19 century when there arose the question about urban water supply.

The water tower was built on the Kozlov rampart as it was the highest point in Vladimir. The water tower was built of red brick in neo Russian style and had the shape of a cistern (oval) widening upwards. The water tower was used for intended purpose for about a hundred years and in 1950 it was replaced by a new water supply system. In 1967 the water tower was given the status of the monument of city development and in 1971 there was opened the museum «Old Vladimir». 

On the three floors of the museum you can see the exhibits and photos related to the life of Vladimir in 19 century and at the beginning of 20 century. The upper floor of the water tower, earlier occupied by a water reservoir, was turned into a viewing platform. From there you can have a wonderful view of the Assumption Cathedral and many other churches of Vladimir, as well as the valley of the Klyazma River.

The museum expositions were created in the style of «every day Vladimir». Their authors tried to present the life of various classes: petty bourgeoisie, the merchants, the officials and the clergy. There you can know how an icon shop, a merchant store, a drinking establishment etc., then looked. It will be very inter-esting to look at the study of a jailer of Vladimir Central Prison.

Of a special interest is a paper with marriage ads of the beginning of 20 century where you can know how the people tried to regulate their private life in that time. There is also another curious exhibit: a yellow ticket with medical examination records issued in 1889.

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