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Yekaterinburg museum of fine arts occupies the former building of the storehouse of the Gorny Hospital located in the Historical public garden near the Plotinka on the bank of the Iset River. At the museum you can see the pictures of famous Russian painters, as well as the most interesting collection of Kasli art castings.

The collection is on display in a hall at the entrance to the museum. Kasli art castings are articles of cast iron produced at the plant of art casting in Kasli of Chelyabinsk region.

Kasli iron cast pavilion is in the center of the hall. It was made for Universal World Exhibition 1900 in Paris. It was subsequently included in the international catalogue of UNESCO as the world's only architectural con-struction of iron cast included in a museum collection.

Kasli pavilion is surrounded by a great number of small iron cast sculptures including the sculpture «Russia» made by the sculptor N. Lavretsky in 1896.

In the other halls you can see a big collection of pictures of famous Russian painters: Perov, Aivazovsky, Vasnetsov, Shishkin, Savrasov, Levitan and many other painters. Two halls are devoted to the creative work of a local artist Alexei Korzukhin.

You must also go to the second floor to see the exposition «Stonecutting art of the Ural». It has many both small items of semi-precious Ural stones and big articles, such as the vase «Awakening» from onyx or «Bear and Seal» from anhydrite. 

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