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What does it generally occur to common people when they think about Singapore? At the end of 80th of the past century the city was called the Economic Dragon of Asia. Indeed, the state city has one of the highest standards of life in Asia and in the world. The city itself is an ultra modern megalopolis with quarters of skyscrapers, colonial buildings, parks and every-thing required for comfortable life.

However, experienced people first remember that Singapore is the city of fines. If you don’t heard of it and plan to visit Singapore, you should carefully study the fine rates or oth-erwise you are sure to be faced with large expenses.

At first, in order to better estimate the level of fines, several words about the exchange rate. After devaluation of U.S. dollars its exchange rate was set nearly equal to that of Singa-pore dollar (US$1 = S$0.8). So, the sum of fine in Singapore dollars will be only a bit less than that in U.S. dollars.

If there were left a bar of chewing gum in your bag and you’ve  incidentally brought it through the customs, try to get rid of it as soon as possible (you'd be better swallow it at once), as if you begin to chew it or give it to the third party, you'll be fined to the sum of $1000.

If you throw away any garbage on the street or just miss the (garbage) can, and pay to it no attention, you'll be to the sum of $1000. The feeding of doves or some other birds is set equal to throwing garbage, so the fine will be the same. If you want to spit on the street, the fine will be fairly reasonable, only $500. Do you want to buy a doughnut and eat it on the way? It is also set equal to littering, so be ready to pay $1000.

Smoking is forbidden almost everywhere in Singapore excepting specialized zones. If you do smoke, you'll have to pay $500. For smoking in confined rooms, for example, in transport vehicles or lift, the fine will be $1000.

Altogether, you could long enumerate violations for which you can pay unreasonably high fines. If you go across the street in inappropriate place (not at the crossing) - $500, if you pee in the street - $1000, if you publicly smoke a joint – capital punishment (foreigners have a chance to be remitted). Moreover, there is even a fine for unnatural sex. Oral sex is consi-dered to be unnatural in Singapore. If you decide to do it in public, you'll pay $10000. You won't believe it, but there are even fines for cheating at exams in educational establishments.
It is difficult to believe that such things are possible, but these «draconic» fines helped to create a kind of perfect city where everyone lead absolutely «regular» life and never do any «bad» deeds. If you remember the Bible, you can make a conclusion that it has always been common for people to «sin», as soon as the God looked the other side. But this won't do in Singapore. There are thousands of cameras spying on you outdoors, so even if it seems to you that there is no one around and you can at last spit on the ground, think about the immi-nent punishment and never do any bad things.

It would be very interesting to hear the comments of foreigners on Singapore. They don’t tell about the sights, but say that «they did see a wrapper lying somewhere on the road». The most desperate tourists tell how they brought chewing gums through the customs and even chewed it in public.

The exorbitant fines and good conduct enforcement made Singapore one of the safest ci-ties in the world. Crime is almost inexistent there. Thanks to the highest standards of life there are absolutely no beggars and homeless. All this is similar to communism.

Here is Singapore. Now, we should also tell something about its sights. In spite of its fairly small territory, this state city has a lot of curious places. Here are the main sights of Singa-pore: central business area crowded with skyscrapers, Botanical Garden, and Sentosa Island. There is also a China Town and Little India, even though this quarter has only remote semblance to real India because of its cleanness (extremely dirty streets of India are the di-rect opposite of Singapore). Finally, you can everywhere see the sculptures of Merlion, the symbol of the city. It is a mythological lion fish. Besides, Singa Pura translates as «the city of lion» from Sanskrit.

You should remember that Singapore is located almost at the very equator, so you can bathe there all round the year. The resort area of Singapore is on Sentosa Island, which is the center of recreation and entertainment, and not only for tourists but for Singaporeans as well. The island has several beaches with snow-white sand. There are a lot of museums (museum of the founders of Singapore, Rare Stones Museum, and Wax Museum and so on.) on Sentosa. And there are also theme parks (Butterfly Park, Tang Dynasty Village, etc.) on the island. The tallest observation platform Sky Tower is also there.

Jurong, apart from being the world's largest port, has the Bird Park and a great number of historical museums. You should have a promenade along the two waterfronts of Singapore – Clark Quay and Boat Quay.

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