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If you want to see traditional China, the China numbering several thousand years, Beijing is the best place where you can go. If you also want to get acquainted with the most dynamic economy, you should go to Shanghai and Hong Kong.

You should go to Beijing to see the Great Wall of China, one of the greatest sights in the world. Considering its length of 8 000 kilometers, you can see it in many districts of China, however, the most picturesque sections of the Great Wall of China are just near Beijing. There are three sections around Beijing, which are open for visiting: Badaling, Mutianyu and Simatai. Badaling Outpost is the best restored site, but there are always a lot of people there. Mutianyu is less restored but its landscapes are more picturesque. And Simatai section has never been restored at all and you can see the Wall in its original appearance.

You can reserve most part of the day for the Great Wall of China, however, you'd better combine it with a trip to the thirteen tombs of Ming dynasty (Shisanling), which are also 50 kilometers to the north of Beijing. The first tomb of Yongle Emperor dates back to 1413. All tombs are huge monumental complexes.

The sights of Beijing itself are also impressive. The Forbidden City (Gugun) is in the center of the city. It is a giant complex of temples, pagodas and palaces, which had been erected for many years. Gugun was built in XV century, and since then it had been the world's largest palace & temple complex, although it is basically but a medieval castle enclosed by a high wall and huge moat, filled with water.

Near Gugun there is another historical site of Beijing, the world's largest square Tianan-men. Its area is 4 hectares. It is just on this square that you can see one of the most recog-nizable views of Beijing – the Gate of Heavenly Peace with the portrait of Mao Zedong. His mausoleum is also there. From the south it abuts upon Cyanmencze. This is completely res-tored ancient shopping & cultural street. It just there that you can get the feel of China's at-mosphere of past centuries and at the restaurant Quanjude you can taste the famous Peking Duck.

The Sky Temple is near the Forbidden City. Its territory is 270 hectares (which is almost 4 times as much as the Forbidden City). Often under the Sky Temple they mean the main con-struction, the world's largest circular temple, however, the entire temple complex is located on this territory. The Sky Temple (also known as the Temple of Heaven) was built in XV century.

Surely, you should see Chinese parks. While Beihai Park and Beijing Botanical Garden are within the limits of Beijing, and summer park Yihe Yuan, on the site of former palace of Empress Dowager Cixi, is outside the city. There you can see scenic landscapes of lakes, waterfalls, trees and pavilions.

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