About city: Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most interesting cities in South-East Asia. In spite of sky-scrapers and intensive traffic junctions, which have been emerging in Bangkok recently, its Old Town pre-served wonderful beauty and eastern flavor of the city.

All tourists, even those who aren’t much interested in historical sites, must visit the Temple of Emerald Buddha, as well as Royal Palace. Historically and artistically, the complex deserves the highest rating. You should spare at least half a day to visit it because of a great number of various temples.

After that you can go to Wat Pho Temple. It is in the immediate vicinity of Royal Palace. In the main hall of the temple there is a gigantic sculpture of recumbent Buddha, however, even more interesting is the premises of the temple built with beautiful stupas and small constructions.

Just opposite the exit of Wat Pho, across the river, there is Wat Arun Temple. It is one of the most curious sites of Bangkok. The huge stupa of the temple all over covered with stucco work is located just on the bank of the river and is one of the city's dominants.

Having visited all the main sights of the city you can have an hour long boat tour of Bang-kok's canals. On the other side of Chao Phraya River, opposite Royal Palace, there a lot of canals crowded with wooden piled huts. In places you will also see so called «floating bazaars» where the Thais offer tourists various fruits or souvenirs.

The next day you can continue your excursion and look around the other sights, which are less significant, but not the least interesting with a view to Buddhist culture. For example, there are three temples in the center of Bangkok where you can see Buddha in other postures – standing, seated and meditating.

If you feel like shopping, you should go to Silom, as well as huge trading center МВK.

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