About city: Shanghai

Dynamic growth of Chinese economy has become a generally acknowledged fact. Many experts are astonished by the pace of the growth, as well as the speed of construction of sky-scrapers in Shanghai, which are evidence of economic development of China.

Near the entrance of the «Eastern Pearl» Tower there is a curious photo gallery reflecting the changes of Shanghai appearance for the last years. Even 15 years before Pudong was almost undeveloped. Today there are a lot of high-rise buildings on the Bund. And every year there ap-pears new and higher sky-scrapers.

When strolling along the streets of Shanghai you can see sky-scrapers everywhere, though, there are some historical sites or just curios spots in the city. The Bund is the favourite prome-nade of all residents of Shanghai and tourists. It is on the right side of the river. The Embankment is crowded with people at night.

Here are some of the sights that you should include in the plan of your trip: Yu Yuan Garden, Emerald Buddha Monastery, Eastern Pearl Tower, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and People's Square.

Yu Yuan Garden is one of the most interesting places in Shanghai. It is a kind of maze con-sisting of paths, pagodas, ponds, waterfalls, and beautiful trees. Every corner of the garden is very picturesque. There are carps in the ponds.

The Emerald Buddha Monastery is one of the sanctuaries of Chinese Buddhism. There are kept the sculptures of Buddha brought from Burma.

All those who are interested in shopping should go to Nanjing Road. It is the most famous shopping center of Shanghai. The street is started at Nanjing East Road Station and goes until People's Square. All the largest trading centers in Shanghai are located on the street. People's Square is in the middle of Nanjing. It is fairly large and so divided into several sections.

If you would like to go outside Shanghai, the nearest interesting places are the cities of Suz-hou and Hangzhou. By rail you can get to Suzhou for about an hour and to Hangzhou – for nearly two hours. In both the cities you can spend time strolling along gardens, parks and old quarters.

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