About city: Seoul

The capital of South Korea, Seoul, has been the main city on Korean Peninsula for many centuries. So, having come there you can feel not only the atmosphere of today megalopolis, but also the spirit of ancient East Asia town. Complex interchanges and multi-lane highways are close to ancient palaces and temples.

Seoul takes a legitimate pride in its palaces of Joseon Dynasty, which had ruled in Korea since XIV century. All of them are in the center of the city, in the Old Town. There are three gates on its territory, - the only survivals of medieval fortifications. The other ancient palaces and estates of nobility are among office skyscrapers.

Two times Seoul was severely destroyed during wars. The city was most drastically de-stroyed in the time of Korean War (1950-53). They had to rebuild most buildings and restore ancient palaces and temples, so it turned out that old houses are surrounded by skyscrapers. However, this doesn’t diminish the beauties of the city, and contrarily, and lend it a kind of specific flair.

In the center of the city, in the immediate vicinity of each other, there located two ancient palaces belonging to the kings of Joseon Dynasty. Gyeongbokgung is the oldest of them. It dates back to 1394, and after numerous reconstructions of further centuries it became the largest palace in Seoul. Today it accommodates the National Museum of Korea and Ethno-graphy Museum. The palace abuts on the residence of the President of Korea, locally known as the «Blue House».

Nearby there located Toksugun – the former residence of Korean monarchs. There you can see the throne room and the audience hall. Changdeokgung fully preserved the features of medieval Korean architecture. It is in the middle of the beautiful Huvon Garden. If you have time, you may also visit the other minor palaces: Unhyeongung, Gyeonghuigung, and Chang-gyeonggung.

As regards today sights of Seoul, Iodo is worth visiting. There located a lot of office high-rise buildings belonging to industrial and financial corporations, as well as the building of stock exchange in the district. The highest skyscraper in Seoul, KLI 63, owned by Korean Insurance Company is also there.

In the evening you can spend your time on well-planned waterfront of Cheonggyecheon Stream. There has been created a romantic atmosphere for promenades and making friends. If you want to see Seoul from above, the cable way can take you to Namsan, where TV Tower is located, or to even higher Mount Pukhansan. There is also a good observation plat-form on Seoul Tower.

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