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In the 19th century Austria was a great empire in the very heart of Europe. And the Habsburg, one of the then most powerful European dynasties, ruled over almost all today's Eastern Europe countries. However, after World War I the empire disappeared and the territory of Austria properly was considerably reduced.

And since then Austria has become one the most developed countries of Europe. As to tourism, many people are going to Austria to have a rest at one of its numerous skiing resorts, in winter, and enjoy wonderful mountain landscapes, and go in for trekking, in summer time.
It would be better to start any trip over Austria from Vienna, the capital of former empire. And even today it is called the «imperial city».

The main historical sites of the city are St. Stephan's Cathedral and Hofburg (former winter residence of the Habsburg dynasty), as well as the entire Old Town. And the main thing is to feel the spirit of the city, which could be very close to the older generation as there is something elevated in it, similar to classic music.

Besides Vienna, you should visit a small but beautiful city of Saltsburg. It is located at foothills of the Alps in north-west of Austria, on the border of Germany. Actually, it is better accessible from Munich than from Vienna.

Saltsburg has everything you need to obtain a lot of positive impression: a small well-to-do European town on the left side of Salzach River dominated by medieval Hohensalzburg Castle in combination with wonderful mountain landscapes.

In the immediate vicinity of Saltsburg (half an hour trip) there is a very beautiful lake Kenigsee (or king's lake) and village Berchtesgaden, which is the territory of Bavaria. And picturesque mountain landscapes would have been a good addition to architectural beauties of Saltsburg.

Apart from historical sites, the largest tourist attraction is the Alpine mountains in the west of Austria. The main inrush of tourists falls on winter time, a skiing season at most mountain resorts. And Austria has a highly developed skiing infrastructure. However, you could also find something to do in summer. Then you can make mountain trips or just have a rest in the open.

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