About place: Aya Napa

Only several decades ago Aya-Napa was a quiet fishing village, which are abundant on the coast of Cyprus. But in the course of time it turned into one of the most popular youth resorts in Europe. Aya-Napa is 40 kilometers of Larnaca where one of the main international airports of Cyprus is located. The town itself has preserved the Cypriot style featuring low-rise build-ings.

The entire city, exactly its center with the main square and Bar-Street or Loсka Locka, lives in the atmosphere of youth clubbing. At night all bars are in pre-party mode. Almost all of them are crammed with young people waiting for the clubs to open. However, dance parties are also held in the bars themselves. Several dozens of night clubs open after midnight and don’t close their doors until the morning. Here are the most famous clubs: Kool (the largest club of Aya-Napa), Castle Club (built in the style of English castle), Car Wash (playing music of past years), Grease, Gas, Insomnia, and Pzazz.

All clubs specialize in certain music style, so you'll have no problems with the choice of your club. All the street and square are swarmed with young people nearly until the morning (there are a lot of Englishmen there), moving from one establishments to another.

Aya-Napa has one of the best beaches on Cyprus. They feature fine, clean, gold yellow sand, as well as warm water and low coast. This is perfect for those who like quiet swimming. The azure water is very clean and warm, which isn’t characteristic of sand beaches.

Nissi is the most popular beach around Aya-Napa (you should take a cab to get to it). Also, you can single out such beaches as Macronissi, Aya-Tekla, and Limnara. There is also a good plage near the town Protoras. All these beaches have equipment for water sports. The lovers of diving may also find there many interesting things. Although there is no beautiful underwater world, as in case of coral reefs, there survived the remains of ships, various am-phoras and scenic underwater rocks.

There was opened the largest on Cyprus water park Water World in the immediate vicinity of Aya-Napa. There all favorite water amusements, including lazy rivers, swimming-pools and various water slides, both for daring and quiet visitors, have been based on ancient Greek myths.

Those who like natural and historical sites may also find a lot of interesting places on Cy-prus, especially if you rent a car and isn’t confined in your movements. But beware, as Cy-prus has left-hand traffic, even though this doesn’t create any particular problems, especially if you go along country tracks.

There are some sights both in Aya-Napa itself and in the neighboring districts. As to Aya-Napa, it is a Venetian monastery of XVI century, which was laid down during the Venetian government but was later transferred to the Orthodox commune.

The most popular tour is a trip to the ancient capital of Cyprus, Pathos. There are curious archaeological sites in the township Kurium (the house of Dionysius, ancient theatre, ancient Greek villas and catacombs). According to the myths, the goddess of love Aphrodite came out from sea foam just around Pathos, near Petra tou Romiou or Aphrodite's Rock. All tourist bathe there, as it is believed that in those waters women can regain their youth, and men – their strength.

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