Lloret de Mar
About place: Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is 75 kilometers to the north of Barcelona. It is the biggest resort on Costa Brava, and definitely the best youth resort on the continental coast of Spain. By the level and number of night clubs Lloret de Mar can easily compete with Ibiza, and moreover, it even has several advantages over Ibiza.

Firstly, unlike Ibiza where the most popular clubs are far from each other, Lloret de Mar had all its night life located in one small district. Clubs, bars and all other amusement estab-lishments are within a walking distance of one another. So, if on Ibiza all the whoop-de-do is confined by the walls of certain club, all resort is on the move in Lloret de Mar.

Secondly, Lloret de Mar is situated on the continental coast where there are many inter-esting places, which are worth visiting. The old town of Girona is 30 kilometers to the north and Barcelona is 75 kilometers to the south of Lloret de Mar. For a change you may also go to Sitjes (the best gay resort in Europe). Generally, Costa Brava offers big opportunities for interesting tours. But if you still want to make a trip to Ibiza, you may do it on a ferry boat nightly departing from Barcelona. Only one night on the boat and you are on Ibiza.

Most famous night clubs are in the center of Lloret de Mar and nearly all of them are with-in a walking distance of each other. There are both small clubs and bars where young people dance and have fun at night and huge clubs with several dance-floors able to accommodate up to several thousand people.

Avenida Just Marle is the most animated street. You can easily find the street as it starts from the beach and the castle and ends on the square. Actually, it is the main street of Lloret de Mar. There are also a lot of clubs and bars on Riera and Ponent. The most popular night clubs of Lloret de Mar are Colossos, Tropics, Londoner, Gala USSR, Hollywood, and Revolu-tion.

A rock divide the beach zone of Lloret de Mar into two parts. Playa de Lloret is to the north of the rock while Playa de Fenals is to the south of the rock. Both beaches are very wide (about 50 meters), so you may get a sun-tan and go in for beach sports there. Atop the dividing rock there was built a fortress in the Middle Ages (today it is a private property). There are also walking paths.

Sa Boadella is in a comfortable cove south of Playa de Fenals, hidden behind small boulders and Santa Clotilde Gardens. The beach is dedicated only for nudes, although there is a patch where you may not put off all your clothes. Nearby there is a hotel complex of San Boadella where the visitors of the nude beach prefer to stay.

Santa Christina is further south of Sa Boadella. Most people consider it to be the best beach of Lloret de Mar, as it isn’t as crowded as the other two beaches. Moreover, it features low bank and fine sand.

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