About place: Mykonos

A small island Mykonos located in the center of Aegean Archipelago has become one of the most favorite youth resort in Europe. By the number of young tourists Mykonos can only be compared to Ibiza. However, if Ibiza is a clubbing center of Europe, then on Mykonos sex is prevalent. All those who want easy resort acquaintances, which are rapidly turned into un-inhibited sexual relationships, go just there.

It would be better to arrange your holidays on Mikonos for yourself. At first you fly to Athens. Depending on you preferences, you may spend 1-2 days there. Mikonos is within a 30-minute flight of the city. Also, you may get to the island by water. The hydrofoil goes there for about 2-3 hours, and ferry – about 4-5 hours. Upon arrival in Chora you stay in the suite. As there are no regular hotels (as at Turkish or Egyptian resorts) on the island.

However, you should stay there only if you are in for night life. The Embankment of Chora is called a Little Venice. It is just there that most clubs, discos, bars and taverns are located. In the evening they enjoy sunsets and at night they rev at various pubs and clubs. But we don’t advise to stay just in the Little Venice, as you can't sleep there because of loudly playing mu-sic.

You should be aware that Chora is an authentic Greek town with small houses (white and blue) and narrow alleys. Surely, you find there no Ibiza-like clubs, but that’s the thing – Miko-nos has quite different atmosphere. You can also have a good time at relatively small clubs (Space), open-air parties, and small establishments (Caprice) where the party may go beyond the premises.
In the center of Chora's Embankment there is a street dedicated to gay bars and clubs. The whole gay rally is just there. If you are a common couple, it would be quite a curious ex-perience to visit some of those clubs.

If in the midst of this «hellish rave» you remember the history of ancient world, you must go to Delos, which is 8 kilometers of Mikonos. In ancient Greece it was a sacred island where Apollo and Artemis were allegedly begotten. Today there survived the Dionysus' Sanctuary, Apollo’s Temple, and the Terrace of Lions carved of marble in VIII B.C. on the island. Delos is considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, together with Athens' Acropolis.

As regards to Mikonos' beach holidays, there are many beautiful sand beaches washed by turquoise waters in the south of the island. Paradise and Superparadise are the most famous youth beaches. They are always crowded at daytime and at night. On Paradise you may go in for water sports. The nudes also gather there. Platis Gialos is one of the largest beaches on Mikonos. Buses run to all beaches, so you'll have no problems with transportation.

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