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Belarus is a country in the east of Europe. This country has all conditions for ecotourism, such as vacations in the wilds, which haven’t yet been impacted by civilization. Belarus is one of the «greenest» European countries, as most part of its territory is covered by dense forests.

Belovezhskaya Puscha is one of the most interesting national parks of Belarus located not far from Brest, on the border with Poland. And only in Belarus it takes up over 200 thousand hectares. This park also has a considerable territory in Poland.

Belovezhskaya Puscha is the largest primeval forest which has once covered most part of Europe. As population increased most part of the forest was cut down and only here you can see it in its original form. Many trees are several hundreds years old. The age of some oaks reaches up to 600 years. The park is crossed by numerous tourist routes, allowing to fully enjoy both clean air and beauties of midland European forest.

Most interesting historical site of Belarus is Mir Castle. It is located in a small village Mir of Grodno region, about 240 km to the north of Belovezhskaya Puscha. So it is worth combining with visiting this famous national park. Mir Castle is a quadrangle which corners are surmounted by high towers. It is on the shore of a large plain lake.

Nesvizh is 120 km to the south-west of Minsk. And it would be interesting for any tourist to see one the oldest cities of Belarus and a beautiful castle of the Radzivil built in 16th century. Nesvizh Castle, which can be quite considered as a royal palace, is in a picturesque countryside.

Minsk is the capital of Belarus. There are no large historical sites in the city, but it would be rather interesting to stroll on the Francisk Skorina Avenue, which has fully preserved the appearance of Stalin times. The Troitsk suburb is near the lake, where there still remained some old houses.

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