About place: Palanga

All of us got to know that beach resorts of Europe are on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. And of course, there are all reasons for it – warm sea and good climate are more attractive for tourists who prefer to plan their holidays beforehand.

However, there are beach resorts on the Baltic Sea too – Palanga (Lithuania), Rugen (Germany), Urmala (Latvia). Unfortunately, their climate conditions are more risky in terms of beach holidays. As it is quite possible that even in summer the weather won't be too fine or the sea won't be warm enough for bathing. However, if you are lucky with weather, your holi-days will be very memorable.

The Lithuanian resort Palanga can be quite considered youth resort. In July and August it is crowded with reeling young people, there are a great number of various discos, bars, clubs and everything, which is required by young people for good holidays.

In summer months direct flights to Palanga are offered in many cities of Europe: Frankfurt, Hamburg, Copenhagen, and Moscow. It takes no more than 1-2 hours to get to Palanga from any of these cities, which is very convenient for those who don’t like long flights. The airport is located in the immediate vicinity of resort zone, so as regards to easiness of travel it is very convenient.

Baltic Sea isn’t always warm, however, in July and August its waters are usually warm enough for bathing, and there are always a lot of people who either bathe or soak in the sun. The wide white sand beach stretches for 24 kilometers. As everywhere on the Baltic Coast, there are many sand dunes on the beach of Palanga. You can hide from wind behind them when you sunburn.

Wonderful pine wood is what truly differs Palanga from all other Mediterranean resorts. Huge pines are responsible for fresh, cleanest air helping to have a respite from the city at-mosphere. As far as XIX century the doctors noted that combination of coniferous wood and seaside air had a good healing effect. Actually, you should go to Palanga if only for sake of this. You feel at once the difference between the climate of midland Europe and Mediterra-nean Region where already in July grass and bushes are burnt with hot sun.

For several decades there has been shaped a good resort infrastructure in Palanga, even though hotels and sanatoriums of Soviet times have long been out-dated. However, for the last decades there were opened (or repaired) several hundreds of hotels, guest houses, and suits for all categories of tourists. As well, there won't be any problems with food and evening pastime. There is tradition in Palanga to gather around the long pier and enjoy beautiful sun-sets.

As to excursions, you can make a trip to Klaipeda (former Memel), which is 30 kilometers to the south of Palanga. This old town was founded by the knights of Livonian Order in 1252. From Klaipeda you can get to Vilnius, the capital of the country, for 3 hours.

From Klaipeda you may also ferry to Kurshskaya Kosa and see this reserve put on the lists of UNESCO. By all means should you should spare at least a day for Nida, and if you aren’t interested in clubbing, you can easily combine your vacations in Palanga with a trip to Nida or some other place on Kurshskaya Kosa. But you must be aware that there are no night entertainments, excepting good restaurants and promenades in coniferous woods.

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