About city: Ghent

If you want to feel yourself in a medieval city, then, undoubtedly, you'll get a huge pleasure from visiting Ghent, more exactly its historical part. You should combine your visit to Ghent with a trip to Bruges as both cities preserved a very curious atmosphere of the Middle Ages. But the castles of Ghent give you an impression of strength similar to that of a medieval knight. Bruges is more delicate as its canals and toy houses would rather give you an impression of a medieval fairy-tale.

If you have only half a day, it will be quite enough for you to visit some monuments in the neighbourhood of Grassley Quay and have a stroll from St. Michael's Cathedral to the Gravensteen. And it would be a very interesting walk among real-life decorations of medieval town – you won't even need to think up what is missing. All houses, cathedrals, and castles were built several hundred years ago.

You should visit the Gravensteen that is over 900 years old. There is a torture museum inside the castle, however, it isn't its main attraction. Simply, it would be interesting to know how the rulers of Belgium lived nearly a thousand years ago. In fact, then there was no Belgium. Brussels was a small village, and the state was called Flanders.

The houses in Grassley Quay are impressive with their medieval austerity. Perhaps, you'd better go along the opposite side of the river, Korenlei Quay, to better see the panorama. From there the houses in Grassley Quay look even more picturesque. All of them once belonged to different trade guilds. For example, one of the houses was owned by the customs, the other one – by the masonic lodge. Generally, everything was very strict. Located near the port, these buildings were the symbol of economic prosperity of Flanders in that time.

The main tourist attraction of Ghent is the bridge near the cathedral of St. Michael. At the bridge you could see Ghent in all its splendour. On one side of the bridge there located Gras-sley Quay, on the other side of the bridge – massive St. Michael's Cathedral. And beyond the bridge you can see a wonderful vista of three churches: St. Nicolas' Church, the Belfort and St. Bavon's Cathedral. The cathedrals and towers lend a special medieval flavour to the ancient city of Ghent.

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