About sight: Gravensteen Castle

The castle was built in 1180. Thanks to renovation you can see the castle in its original strength and beauty. It is one of the few castles where you can see not only ruins but also the living conditions and layout of a medieval fortress. As usually, the castle is partly surrounded by the river waters.

Gravensteen means the «Count's Castle» in Dutch. In Middle Ages it played an important role in the life of the city as it was just there that the rulers of Flanders lived who governed the region when Brussels was a small town.

Going beyond its high walls you can see the impressive «mass» of the main building of the castle. Inside there are various rooms, residential and otherwise, and the main hall. To-day the castle houses the museum of medieval torture devices.

From the roof of the castle you can have the most wonderful view of the Old Town including Grassley Quay. It is the most interesting point of the Gravensteen tour.

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