About sight: Three towers

From the bridge at St. Michael's Cathedral you can have a magnificent view of three cathedrals. All of them have strong medieval towers: St. Nicolas' Church, Bel-fort Tower and St. Bavon's Cathedral. If you have time, you should climb the Belfort. From the top of the belfry you can have a wide view of the neighbourhood including the castle, adjacent towers and some other buildings.

St. Bavon's Cathedral houses one of the most famous works of the brothers van Eyck, the Ghent Altarpiece. It consists of 22(4) panels depicting Biblical themes. There is also a canvas of Rubens in the cathedral.

Belfort was a sign of prosperity of the medieval city as then Ghent was the most impor-tant economic center in the region. Near the tower trade rows were located where there were sold the main products of Ghent's manufactories – broadcloth and fabrics.

St. Nicolas' Church is in the first line of towers that can be seen from the bridge. Due to the tower design special ray of lights penetrated inside the church.

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