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If you want to get the feel of genuine English medieval Gothic, then, undoubtedly, the capital of Scotland, Edinburg, would be the best place in Great Britain. It can give you very strong impression. After London it is the second important place in this country, which is worth visit-ing.

You'll need to spare at least two days for Edinburg, and you'd better stay in the neighbourhood of Wavely Railway Station. Although the station is in the heart of the city, it is hardly visible as both the station and railway line are in a deep dell. The main advantage will be that you can easily get to all primary sights of Edinburg on foot.

The first thing you should do upon arrival at the city is to go and see Edinburg Castle. It was one of the strongest citadels of Great Britain. There lived Scottish kings, and the entire history of Scotland is inseparably linked with this site.

Royal Mile is the most beautiful thoroughfare in Edinburg. It consists of 4 streets and is approximately 1700 meters long. Royal Mile runs from the bastions of Edinburg Castle down to Holyrood Castle. This castle is a summer residence of British queen. She lives there from July through August. For that time Buckingham Palace in London is open for visiting, and Ho-lyrood Castle is closed for tourists.

Royal Mile is built with cathedrals, governmental buildings, and medieval houses. Each house is very picturesque. A very interesting museum is near the castle, Scotch Whisky Her-itage Center. There is also a lofty Gothic temple, St. John's Cathedral, however, it isn’t active church now. Today it houses a café, as well as Edinburg Festival Society.

In the evening you may drop in at nearby tavern Deacon Brodie dedicated to once noto-rious personality, William Brodie, who lived in XVIII century. At daytime he was a respectable citizen, a city council member, and at night he was a robber and a thief.

You go a bit farther and you are on Parliament Square. On the left side of the square there located the City Chambers. To the left of the building you can see the entrance of under-ground city: a network of tunnels and subterranean halls. Until 2003, when it was opened for visiting, there were many legends that the city was inhabited by ghosts.

St. Giles Cathedral is in the center of Parliament Square. It was founded in 1124. You should go inside the cathedral to see the Thistle Chapel. The Order of the Thistle consisted of 16 knights and a sovereign.

Princess Street Gardens may be an interesting place for evening promenades. The park is in the hollow between the Mound of Old Town and Princess Street. The most picturesque part of the park is just at the foot of Edinburg Castle. By all means, you should climb atop Calton Hill giving a wonderful panorama of the entire Edinburg.

Edinburg can be the main starting point for most interesting tours of Scotland. You may reserve for it 1-2 weeks, and visit different castles, lakes and mountains. If you plan your route for yourself, it will be very interesting to visit the following places: Scone Palace (there the monarchs of Scotland were crowned and the Stone of Destiny was housed), Loch Ness Lake (you know why), Lomond Lake with adjacent reserve, and most scenic Eilean Donan (the castle is located in Loch Duich (fjord), near the bridge connecting the Isle of Skye with mainland).

Those who love stern mountain landscapes of Scotland may go to the other two most pic-turesque places: Cairngorms National Park and the Isle of Skye. There one can see most variegated landscapes, from tundra with lichens to pine woods. And of course, you can enjoy very beautiful northern mountains there.

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