About city: Munich

The capital of Bavaria, Munich, is considered one of the most comfortable European cities. Though Munich is a large industrial center of Germany, you are hardly aware of it. It has good environmental conditions (due to the Alps), wonderful architecture, and high standards of living.

As to the city itself and its most beautiful environs, Munich has undisputable tourist attractiveness. If you have a car, it would take you at most one or two hours to get to some of its curious natural and historical sites.

In Munich itself you should start all your tours from Marienplatz, which is the central square of the city. Its primary attraction is richly decorated Town Hall built in medieval style. The main pedestrian street of Munich where everything is dedicated to shopping is started just from Marienplatz. There are a huge number of various shops in the street. There also located one of the most famous temples of the city called Frauenkirche. The church has two high towers topped by crown-shaped domes.

If you turn round the Town Hall on the left, you can get to the city theatre and then to the royal palace called Nymphenburg or «Residence». It was commissioned by Prince Elector Fer-dinand-Maria to architect Agnostio Barelli in 1664. The Palace and Park are just impressive.

Apart from the city properly, you must plan a tour of its environs. For example, south of the city there is Neuschwanstein. And it takes only half an hour to get to this castle, which is one of the most beautiful castles in the world. Snapshots of the castle are often placed on covers or front pages of most books on the castles of the world.

Along Salzburg highway there is Chiemsee. On the island in the middle of the lake king Ludwig I built Herrenchiemsee, which was a replica of French Versailles Palace. It is would be pleasant to pass your time there, taking boat rides or just admiring the beautiful scenery of Bavaria.

Beyond Chiemsee there is a charming Austrian city Salzburg and a small Bavarian village Berchtesgaden. The latter is located near Kenigsee at the background of picturesque Alpine landscapes. You should take a boat to the Church of St. Bartolomeus. It is one of the most beautiful spots in Bavaria.

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