Rothenburg ob der Tauber

About city: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

One of the most interesting tourist routes in Germany goes through the old towns of Franconia and Bavaria, and is also known as the «Romantic Road». Traveling along the route one can see old German towns, which have fully preserved their medieval appearance.

Three towns of the route, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Dinkelsbüh and Nördlingen survived until nowadays almost unchanged. There have been preserved even the walls and towers of these towns. Of course, Rothenburg, along with Würzburg, is one of the most scenic towns of the Romantic Road, in fact, its gem.

Although the wall-enclosed historical center of the city is relatively small, you may need most part of the day to see all its interesting sights. Surely, there are motor cars on the streets of the city, but they won't interfere with your promenades along its paved streets, which are already several hundred years old. The balconies and windows of house are full of flowers.

Generally, going along the streets of Rothenburg you can be instantly sank into the at-mosphere of medieval fairy-tale (not dark Middle Ages, but bright and good, as in children's fairy-tales). In summer Night Watchman Tours are very popular. Previously, the Night Watchman was a man who kept order in the city at night, and today he guides tourists. 

The Church of St. Jacob is the tallest building of the city. In fact, it is the main cathedral of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. You should go inside to see its most beautiful interiors. The Im-perial City Museum is in the building of XIII century Dominican monastery near the exit of the temple.

Marketplace is located in the geographical center of Rothenburg. The magnificent building of Old Town Hall is on this main square. It (Old Town Hall) consists of two parts – one of them preserved its Gothic style, and the other one was rebuilt in the style of Renaissance after the fire. You may visit the historical basements of Old Town Hall, and the prison. As well, you should climb the tower of Old Town Hall giving you a wonderful panorama of this medieval city. Old Town Hall faces Herrngasse, one of the beautiful streets of the city built with nice houses belonging to the noble families of Rothenburg.

Spitalgasse goes from the Marketplace towards the river. Going down the street you may get to the most beautiful place in the city, Plonlein Square. All tourists are attracted by the most picturesque place – the junction where one street issues from Sieberstrum Tower, and the other one goes down. The view is considered as one of the faces of the entire Germany.

If you go to the north along the Romantic Road, you get to a beautiful city Würzburg. If you go several kilometers to the south, you get to Dinkelsbüh, the same circummured medieval city. Beyond it there located Augsburg, Nördlingen, and Landsberg, as well as the castles of Frederick near Munich – Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

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