About place and environs: Berchtesgaden

One of the most beautiful places of Bavaria is Berchtesgaden, located at the border with Austria. It has a very favourable climate, as well as the purest mountain air, allowing older people to spend comfortable vacations there. Many people go there only to have a treatment at some balneology resort.

However, there are also many people who prefer ecotourism. Berchtesgaden is surrounded by beautiful Alpine peaks, the highest of which is Watzmann Mount (2713 m). So, one of the most popular recreation types is highland trekking in the region of Watzmann and Jenner. Jenner Mount rises above one of the most picturesque Alpine lakes, Kenigsee.

Kenigsee is very similar to a Norwegian fjord, though actually it belongs to glacial period. It is closed by rocky mountains, which are covered by snow even in summer. In the village of the same name you should take an excursion ship going to the Church of St. Bartolomeus, which dates from 1134. It is in the middle of the lake, and so you can get there only by boat. Nearby there is a former royal lodge, today it is a cozy restaurant. Not far from there is also a famous glacial cave called Marktschellenberg.

From Berchtesgaden you can make a trip to Kehlsteinhaus also known as the Eagle's Nest. It was intended as a 50th birthday present for Adolf Hitler. It is situated on a ridge at the top of the Kehlstein mountain. And newsreels depicting Hitler and his guests against the background of beautiful mountain landscapes were made just there. Now it is a museum of the third Reich.

You can find very picturesque mountain landscapes in a small village Ramsau. There are vivid Bavarian houses and a beautiful church. As all other villages, it has a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

In the immediate vicinity of Berchtesgaden there is an Austrian city Saltsburg, which is birth-place of Mozart. And notwithstanding its small size it may be considered one the most beautiful cities in Europe. At the bend of Salzbach there are old quarters with beautiful churches and pa-laces dominated by Hohensalzburg Castle located at the top of the hill.

In winter time the ski resort of Berchtesgaden featuring various skiing tracks, is visited by a great number of young people. After a day of skiing you can have a pleasant time at Watzmann Therme where there are different solariums, baths and swimming-pools.

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