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Several thousands years ago there emerged in Greece one of the most ancient European civilizations, and Athens became one of the largest and most powerful city-state of ancient world. Then there already existed democracy, philosophy was established as a single science, literature reached unprecedented heights. All this provided foundation for development of today European civilization.

Though then ancient Greece was only a large conglomerate of independent cities, Athens had a dominant role (especially after defeat of Sparta). That’s why the most splendid historical sites are just in Athens: Acropolis with Parthenon and Eréchtheion, ruins on the hills of Agora, Pnyx, Areopag, and Filopapos, ancient Greek and Roman forums, Zeus Temple, etc.

All Athens excursions are started just on Acropolis. It is the most interesting place in Athens where you might spend most part of the day. Acropolis is a huge hill enclosed by strong walls where you can climb by a steep path passing between gigantic columns of Propilei. At the top of Acropolis you can see the ruins of the most magnificent temples of ancient Greece: Parthenon and Eréchtheion.

There are two ancient theatres at the foot of Acropolis. Theatre of Dionysius, one of the most famous ancient theatres, is located at the southern slope of the hill. It could seat up to 15 thousand spectators and it was just there that all the most famous tragedies and comedies of ancient Greek playwrights staged. Nearby there is another theatre, Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Both theatres have been partially restored.

From Dionysius Theatre you can go to the other two splendid sights of Athens, Arch of Hadrian and Temple of Zeus. Both of them are connected with Roman emperor Hadrian, who was fond of Greek culture and extensively supported Greece. Particularly, it was he who finished Zeus Temple, one of the most grandiose temples of ancient world.

You should visit a vast ancient Greek agora, which is not far from Acropolis. There is a well-preserved Temple of Hephaestus on the Agora. There you can see original ancient Greek temples, as well as temples of later periods.

From Athens you can start on some interesting ship tours. One-day tour includes islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra. There you may get acquainted with life of small Greek islands. Also you can make trips to remoter Greek islands, such as Mikonos, Delos or Corfu.

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