About island: Rodos

•    What to see: westernmost Greek island near Turkey
•    Where to go: Greece. Aegean Sea to the south from the coast of Turkey
•    Season: June-October. High season: September-October
•   Sighseeing: Knight Castle, Lindus, Petaludes (Valley of Butterflies)
•    Popular resorts: Rhodes, Линдос
•    Travel time: 1-2 weeks
•    Recreation types: beach-related rest, island tours

Rhodes has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations, among all other Greek islands, which are scattered over the Mediterranean Sea. There you can find almost every possible tourist attraction: from wonderful beaches to curious ruins of ancient cities, including well-preserved castle of the Knights of Rhodes. Besides, you can enjoy beautiful wildlife in the center of the island.

Of course, the most interesting city of the island is its capital, which is also called Rhodes. The Old Town was raised around the strongest citadel of Great Masters of the Knights of Rhodes. And it remained almost intact until nowadays. There also survived the outer walls and the palace itself. And in the port you can see two deer statues located on the site of the famous Rhodes Colossus, which was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The knights ruled on the island for several centuries. It is believed that their main task was to help to Palestine pilgrims. But surely, they had many other tasks. After abolishment of the Order of Knight Templars in France most of them moved to Rhodes. The castle survived many sieges of Turkish armies, but Suleiman the Magnificent finally conquered the island, and the knights were forced to Malta and were since then called the Knights of Malta.

The most curious sight of the Old Town is Colakio, which was then the center of public life on the island. You should go to Hippocrates Square, and have a stroll along Ippoton (Street of the Knights). You can buy souvenirs on Socrates Street, which is also started from Hippocrates Square. In the Old Town there are many buildings belonging to the period of antiquity, as well as to the times of Knights and Turkish rulers.

The main beaches and most part of tourist infrastructure are on the Eastern Coast of the island. This is due to predominance of strong western winds, which make it rather uncomfortable to bath on the Western Coast of the island. On the Eastern Coast, south of Rhodes Town, there is a long line of villages where you can find hotels to almost any taste. They also have wonderful sandy beaches and good tourist infrastructure. By the way, Rhodes is very popular just among young people, so there will be no problems with entertainments.

Also you must make a trip to Lindus in the south of Rhodes. In ancient times the city was one of the most significant trading centers of the region. The city is dominated by a strong ancient Acropolis built atop the rock. Under the Knights it was transformed into a castle.

There is a beautiful valley called Petaludes (or the valley of butterflies) in the center of the island. You can have a stroll along the paths and small bridges of the valley and admire the view of thousands of butterflies.

At the southern tip of Rhodes there is a paradise for surfers called Prasonisi Beach. While western side of the beach is perfect for kite surfing its eastern side is most suitable for wind surfing.

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