About island: Santorini

•    What to see: Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Probably, former Atlantida
•    Where to go: Greece. Aegean Sea near the big Crete Island
•    Season: June-October. High season: September-October
•    Sightseeing: Oia, Red Beach  
•    Trave time: 3-4 days
•    Recreation types: beach-related rest, island tours

There are many myths connected with Santorini. According to one of them, it was the site of legendary Atlantida. This ancient civilization reached a very high level of development, but was erased during some natural disaster. And it is quite possible as in ancient times Santorini was a circular island, but after enormous volcanic explosion most part of the island was submerged and now it is but a semi-circular strip of land with a gigantic caldera reaching the height of several hundreds of meters.

This hypothesis was partially supported during excavations in the village Akrotiri, which confirmed that there was a highly developed civilization even in pre-historic period, many thousands years ago.

You can not have adequate beach vacations on Santorini as the island is at the top of high volcanic caldera. The beaches are far from resort villages where you can find good hotels. So, you will have to drive there. And the nicest village Oia is altogether at significant distance from beaches, and transport communication is inconvenient.

The capital of Santorini, Thira, is in the center of the island. Its houses cling to the sheer side of caldera at the altitude of 250 meters. You can stay there, as it is most convenient to get from the city to remote beaches.

However, if you want to see the true beauty of Santorini, you should stay in Oia, which is in the northern part of the island. White houses and churches with blue domes against the background of the sea is one of the most recognizable views of Greece, which you can often see on all travel posters and booklets. In the evening there gather a lot of people to admire sunset. The only disadvantage of staying in Oia is that it is difficult to get to a beach, unless you rent a car.

There are only three large beaches on Santorini: Kamari, Perissa and Red Beach. The rest of the beaches are either too small, or inconvenient, for example, the beach of Oia (some hundred meters down a steep stair). Perissa and Kamari are in the middle of the island, and Red Beach is at the southern tip of the island, near the village Akrotiri.

Very often you go to Santorini only for a day, but you should spend there at least 2-3 days, with one evening in Oia. However, if you prefer beach vacations, you'd better stay on Crete and make a short trip to Santorini. You can then return to Crete by excursion or regular ships.

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