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The main sights of Copenhagen are compactly located within the historical center of the city. A small canal called Newhaven might be rightly considered the spirit of the city. It is a deadlock branch of the main water canal of the city - Havnebaded. The length of Newhaven is about 300 meters. There are closely spaced authentic Scandinavian houses built along the canal, with numerous cafes and restaurants located on the side of the canal shined by the rays of setting sun. They are always crowded with walking people. There eat, dance and have a rest not only tourists but also the residents of Copenhagen.

Palaces might be considered the next important sights of Copenhagen. They are three in the city: Christianborg, Amalienborg and Rosenborg. Christianborg Palace is the biggest and most impressive of them. The palace was built in 12th century, but since that time it was repeatedly burnt and ruined. Today palace that is located on Slotsholmen or the Castle islet was constructed in 1928. Because of frequent fires at Christianborg the royal family of Denmark moved to another palace, - Amalienborg, at the end of 18th century.

Amalienborg Palace consists of four buildings constructed in the style of rococo. The palace design is full of harmony and elegance. For several centuries it was just this palace that was the official residence of Danish kings.

Rosenborg Palace is in the middle of a wonderful park. The Dane love to go there in fine weather and have a rest on the lawns in front the palace. Rosenborg was built in the same style as Christianborg but isn’t as massive.

The statue of Little Mermaid has long been recognized in the world as the symbol of Copen-hagen. So, you don’t forget to see it. For the purpose you may go along the quay northwards of the Newhaven. Having passed Amalienborg Palace you will see the office Maersk, and a big park just behind it. There are a lot of sculptures and monuments, and a nice church, as well as monumental Gefion Fountain, in the park. And further to the north, on the shore of the bay, you will find what you are looking for – the statue of Little Mermaid sitting on the stone. It looks charming.

There are many entertainment parks, for children as well as for adults, in Copenhagen, including the most famous Tivoli Park. The park occupies relatively small territory but has just ex-cellent attractions.

Apart from above sights, Copenhagen has also many other curious places. Those who love museums may find a lot of interesting things in the city, and followers of anarchism and various social experiments should go Christiania Quarter that is located in the heart of the city on the bank of Havnebaded opposite the royal palace.

The quarter has a unique history. You won't find anything similar nowhere in the world. At the beginning of the 70th of the past century a group of hippies installed themselves in the aban-doned barracks of Christiania Quarter, all of which was eventually transformed into the self-directed «Free City of Christiania» with its laws and regulation. The resident population of the city was about a thousand of young men and women advocating the principles of anarchism and disobedience of laws. Naturally, all this was accompanied by the principles of free love and tolerance of light drugs. Hashish was almost openly sold in this quarter, and free morals attracted new followers. Recently, continuous efforts of the authorities to ban the «free city» made it more civilized. Hashish stalls were removed from the streets, and residents began to pay taxes and barrack rentals.

As regards to out-of-town excursions, it would be very interesting to go nearby city of Hel-singborg (30 km), that Shakespeare called Elsinore in his play ‘Hamlet’. It is just there that the famous Elsinore Castle is located, in reality called Kronborg Castle. It is a strong fortified citadel that for a long time was the residence of Danish kings.

Hillerod is not far from Helsingborg. There located the biggest and most beautiful royal palace Frederiksborg. You should spare a day for a combined trip to both castles.

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