About country: Hungary

Hungary is in the center of Europe, so it is easily accessible from any European country. They go there either to walk around the old streets of Budapest or recover one's health in some spa resort.

Budapest has once been one of the capital cities of the Austrian-Hungary Empire, so now it can be considered one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Emperor's palaces are on one side of Danube, while on the other side of this great river there located the magnificent building of Parliament, cathedrals and many other interesting sights. All this forms a very beautiful architectural ensemble. Danube bridge, which is the symbol of Budapest, creates an especially romantic atmosphere.

Hungary is often called sanative bath of Europe. Budapest has many thermal sources. And some of them are open-air.
Lake Balaton is the main recreation area of this country. On the southern shore of this lake there are many various resorts. In summer there are always a lot of people: bathing, sun-tanning, playing and sailing. Balaton is suitable for family holidays with small children.


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